Northern California's best choice for complete water systems. We specialize in water filtration and systems, spring and creek development, solar pumping systems, water storage and catchment systems, and well as septic systems and real estate inspections.

We will inspect your water system for free! Call us at (707) 834-1874.

Leach Water Systems has been serving the counties of Humboldt, Mendicino, Trinity, and Sonoma for almost 20 years and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Rain Catchment

Rain catchment can be the answer for compliance or for basic residential applications.  For more information to see if this addition to your system makes sense give us a call (707) 834-1874.

Fire Safety Measures

New construction requires 2500 gallons of storage for fire saftey.  Many clients are interested in fire saftey measures, regardless of new construction.  For this client we set a fire spigot as extra precaution going into the dry season. 

Using Solar to pump your water

Installing a solar pump will ensure the ability to pump water without generators, or when power goes out.  If you are looking to completely go off the grid, we can incorporate your water pumping needs into a home solar system. Or if you are just wanting to make sure you can use your water without traditional power, then a dedicated solar pump is what you could be looking for.


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